Wedding party is essentially one of the most imperative and personal aspect of your wedding planning process. A wedding party consists of people who not only help you through the wedding chores but also who will be present at that moment to say your vows. Customarily, a wedding party includes brothers, sisters, close friends and family members.

Below we have framed a guide that comprise of roles, duties and responsibilities of the wedding party, have a look.


  • Maid of honor Bridesmaids                         Flower girl
  • Best man/ Best woman Groomsmen                                    Ring Bearer
  • Ushers Officiant                                Readers
  • Bride’s Parents groom’s Parents                 Pages


  • Typically the wedding party works as the second hand of the bride and the groom. They are being consulted for all the tidbits like running errands, venue selection, floral arrangements, craft works and several other suchlike chores.
  • The wedding party is compelled to wear certain outfits (bridesmaid’s dresses or tuxedo) in identical styles or coordinated colors or according to the theme of the event to symbolize their involvement.
  • The wedding party also helps the bride and the groom to get ready on the wedding day. Be by their side to calm their nerves down.
  • Some of them, who are the most trusted ones, are even chosen to act as witnesses on the marriage license.
  • They also take deliberate pictures with the couple to be included in the couple’s wedding album.
  • They are honored to be seated at special tables or near by the newlywed couple.
  • They are responsible to organize events for the to-be-wed couple like bridal showers or bachelor or bachelorette party etc.
  • They are also being designated the task to keep a track of what the mother of the bride dresses in and how the mother of the groom dresses come out.
  • The role of the wedding party does not get over as the wedding events do, but they tend to tag along till much later and be like a pillar of support even after the wedding is over, be it emotional, physical or social assistance.


  • Jewish Weddings: Jewish weddings include Chuppah carriers. Chuppah is a sacred canopy that indicated the new house of the couple. The carriers are usually men, but they can be any four people who the couple is close to.
  • Muslim Weddings: The men who assist the groom are called Hattabin.
  • Christian Weddings: In Christian weddings the young fellows are the Candle Lighters. They walk ahead of the mothers of the bride and the groom and light candles at the altar.

Your wedding party is considered to be a cardinal aspect of your wedding plan. It might be possible that if they do not exist, the bride and the groom may lose it big time running the errands all by themselves. They often dedicate their precious time as well as money at times, to bring all the arrangements together and make your wedding a success. So it will be extremely unreasonable to not thank them throughout the process. Courtesy calls that they should be thanked and greeted personally for investing their time and energy.

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