Underwater Temple Garden in Bali

The Indonesia underwater temple is dating back to ancient times. These are submerged Hindu and Buddha temples in Bali Island. The underwater Buddha temple trip is a popular activity for tourists. The Underwater Buddha Snorkeling is the only way to see those ancient archeological sites under the seawater. It is advisable to book a Bali underwater adventure tour and see those marvelous Buddha sculptures, temples and other remain of the ancient temples.

Nusa Lembongan Underwater Buddha Trip

The underwater Buddha in Nusa Lembongan is the best to see the submerged Buddha in the Indian Ocean waters in Bali. You can find sitting Buddha statues, sleeping Buddha status and standing Buddha statues in the submerged water. They have submerged few thousand years back as the ocean level has increased up. These are archeological sites too in Bali. It is advisable not to pollute the water or try to touch the sculptors under the water.

Underwater Temple Nusa Penida

The Nusa Penida is another site to see the underwater temples. You can take a weeklong tour to see that underwater world. There are mainly seven locations for snorkeling in Bali Island. The Nusa Penida is one of the sites among them. You can do snorkeling and see those magnificent temples in ruined form. These are history to show how the Hinduism and Buddhism have travel from the Indian Sub Continent to Indonesia by sea in the ancient times.

Pemuteran Underwater Temple Snorkeling

The Underwater Buddha Snorkeling is also possible from Pemuteran in Bali. It is advisable to book with a local tour operator or from the hotel where you stay in Bali. If you are international tourists, it is advisable to book online. This is a busy tourists place and people come to see those natural attractions in Bali. The one-day tour trip is better to see this point in Pemuteran. It may take a total of three hours to reach the exact place and return to the coast. The tour operator will brief you about the safety on the sea. They do brief on how to use the snorkeling gears.

Snorkeling the Coral Garden, Tulamben

The snorkeling in Bali is not to see the underwater Buddha alone. The Tulamben is the best place to see the coral garden in Bali. This is the best for marine enthusiast and all tourists, who wishes to see the coral life in natural state. The Tulamben seawater is crystal clear, and you can take underwater photos while snorkeling. This is the best place to take your children, who are above 8-years old in Bali. Yet, they must know swimming.

The Underwater Buddha Snorkeling is a popular activity to do once in Bali. It is advisable to check with your tour operator to cover all snorkeling points in Bali. A weeklong tour is advisable to seek the above-mentioned water adventures in Bali. It will be better to stay in Bali and visit these attractions.

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