Top Pocket Watches worth Investing On: Carry Time In Style

A woman can flaunt her looks with a lot of accessories but when it comes to a man, there is no other accessory as timeless as a watch. The journey of time keeping started with pocket watches in 16th century until wristwatches became popular. Pocket watches generally have a chain attached to it to prevent them from being dropped. Since then, pocket watches have a charm and class of their own which no other type of watch can ever come close to. So, here are some pocket watches that you can carry and build your own fashion.

 ShoppeWatch Half Hunter Eagle:

The bronze metal cover displaying an eagle makes it a very bold-looking watch. 14-inch metal chain, elegant Arabic numerals and a classic three-hand design with quartz movement are some of the features that this simple yet fierce watch displays. With metal, antique gold and acrylic used in its making, this royal looking watch can be a part of your next dinner look.

PeleusTech Spovan SPV600 Pocket Watch:

This pocket watch is unique in a way that instead of a standard analog watch, which usually pocket watches are, this is a digital watch. With functions like a barometer, a thermometer, fishing timer and water depth, this elegant-looking digital pocket watch is a unique way of carrying time.

ALPS Classical Pocket Watch:

This classic timepiece will surely provide you with a royal look and make heads turn. Any fan of craftsmanship and antique would definitely love this men’s watch. With a detailed and exquisitely engraved case and a classic skeleton design, this vintage looking watch will definitely bring in a lot of attention for the wearer.

Regent Hills Brass Case Mechanical Open Face Pocket Watch:

It has a dual time display, as well as a 60 second face, a long stainless steel chain, and durable mineral crystal glass to keep this watch going. This pocket watch is one of the favorites amongst the men as it has an intriguingly charming looks royal and at the same time fashionable as well.

Longines Equestrian 18K Gold Pocket Watch:

This royal beauty features an intricately designed equestrian scene in 18 karat gold. Black Arabic numerals and an indigo blue 2-hand movement, the elegance of the timepiece speaks about the brand as well as the personality of the wearer. This basic yet extremely classy pocket watch can surely be your next prized possession.

Topwell Black Pocket Watch:

This charming and elegant looking watch would definitely be any man’s desire who has the love for antiques and likes to maintain a royal personality. The case is intricately designed with swirls, and a window is set in the center, allowing for easier reading without opening the case. Ideal pockets watch for timepiece collector enthusiasts.

Kronen & Sohne Full Hunter Skeleton Dial Mechanical Pocket Watch:

A beauty that will sweep your heart away just by a single look, this watch features slick, polished high-quality alloy case with a see-through window on the back to check out the 17 jewel mechanical gears. This classic addition in your wardrobe would be a definite sensible investment.

ZIJAE Mens Dragon Skeleton Pocket Watch:

Featuring a carving of a Chinese lung dragon alongside a fiery phoenix, all surrounded by clouds engraved in an Oriental style, this handsomely crafted men’s watch is all about vintage, royalty and charming looks. With these solid looks, this antique watch will highlight your looks for the day.

Mudder Steampunk Mechanical Skeleton Pocket Watch:

A divinely beautiful timepiece with an antique Steampunk feel, one cannot take their eyes off easily from it. The watch has a black dial and indigo blue Roman numerals and 3-hand movement. The supremely royal combination of black and blue should make this watch on the top list of your next purchase.


Pocket watches offer a classic style and make great family heirlooms. No matter if you’re looking for a timeless, vintage look or prefer a more contemporary feel, there’s always one unique timepiece that’s just right for you. A person who loves to collect timepieces should definitely have a pocket watch in their wardrobe as well because of the essence of vintage that they are carrying with them since the 16th century.

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