Top Christmas Cake Options for the Simple-Hearted

Christmas is for Cakes

The custom of cake-cutting is so popular during Christmas that a Christmas without cakes does not even feel like a festival. Biting into the fluffy, sweet goodness that cakes are brings forth an added dose of merriment in the cold Christmas evenings.

With the passage of time, Christmas cakes have risen tremendously in status, which extends to far more than being just a custom.With the availability of extravagant and highly ornamental cakes for Christmas these days, they make for excellent gifting items as well.

What to do if you like your cake Simple and Nice?

Just like other food items, when it comes to cakes, the preferences that people have tends to differ quite a lot. These differences can be in terms of choice of flavor or as in this case, the manner of making. While some people take to indulging in rich, creamy cakes, there are others who like it plain and nice.

What options do you have, if you are among the second lot of cake lovers?

Plum Cake

A traditional Christmas cake, plum cakes are a favorite with a wide variety of people all across the world. These cakes have been so named because of the fresh plums that are used as fillings for making them. There are different types of plum cakes available in the market today, some of which have brandy or rum mixed in the batter as well. Plum delight, nutty plum cake, and blueberry plum cake are a few of the popularly sold plum cakes.

Choco Nutty Cake

A must-try for all chocolate lovers, the choco nutty cakes bring you the goodness of chocolates as well as different kinds of dry fruits.You realize the richness of the cocoa and the crunchiness of nuts in your mouth with every bite that you take. Walnuts and almonds are generally the most common types of nuts that are used in making these cakes.

Cherry Chocolate Dry Cake

Another treat for those who like chocolate flavored cakes, cherry chocolate dry cake is among the top selling Christmas Cakes.The combination of sweet and tangy cherries with opulent chocolate seems to win hearts all around. Finding these cakes online or offline is no problem at all.

Tutti Frutti Cake

The tutti fruitti cake is one that offers sumptuousness without going overboard. Tutti Frutti cakes are basically plain cakes that are perfected by adding chopped and candied fruits to the cake batter. These cakes are not only flavorful, but also appealing to look at.

If you have a friend who likes their Christmas cake simple yet mouthwatering, you can always depend on one of the above-mentioned. However, if you intend to buy a cake for a friend, it is important that you take note of a few things like, their choice of flavor or if they are allergic to something.

Now that you know what all to look for, don’t forget to order your Christmas cake well-in-time.

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