Tips to Stay Warm and Cosy

Winter is one of the best seasons where it associates with feeling of warmth in cold weather which many love. This cold weather is compensated with fluffy blankets, baggy sweatpants, hot chocolate, fire places, blankets, jackets, and so on.

Winter is a great season with all the festive holidays but it can also be cruelly cold, so you have to stay warm not just with woollen clothes but also in other ways. Whether you are stuck at office or in house, there are several easy and handy ways to keep yourself warm. Be ready for this winter through online shopping jacket of your preference with various options available at few clicks.

  1. Reverse Fan Mechanism

This little experiment of science can harness physics or mechanism of the ceiling fan to keep you warm. As the warm air in the house rises, use the ceiling fan of yours to push the air back down to the ground. You simply have to reverse the fan’s direction and then keep the fan on low so the big breeze doesn’t start stirring up.

  1. Have Hot Beverage

Having something hot raises the body temperature to the core. But there is an unknown fact to this- that is hot beverage can make you sweat, if this sweat is evaporated then it will make you colder eventually. So don’t be fooled with warm and fuzzy feelings of having a brandy on a chill day as it will lower the body temperature.

  1. Get Close

Well, when it is time of winter,getting cosy with your partner is sure-fire and the best way to cuddle and warm up. Skin to skin contact definitely is an effective way you can share among body heat. So ditch those layers and share optimal heat with special ones.

  1. Work out

Winter can be lazy and cosy but it’s the best way to sweat. Physical activity gets the blood pumping, raises core temperature and heart rate. Rather than sitting around feeling like ice cold, you can go do jumping jacks, jogging, walk, or may be just clean your house or bathroom. As moving around and working helps you stay warm up and lose calories which you will be consuming with all the festive time.

  1. Layer Up

The simplest way to stay warm is through woollen clothes, and layering up. There are many ways to block the cold and external wind through wearing thick layers upon your usual clothes, such as men’s wool overcoat, gloves, socks, shawls, etc. Such layers keep you warm on freezing days, when the floors are ice cold and wind blowing heavily.

Winters are always fun and nice with all the occasions and family dinners but with the heavy breezy cold, it gets shivery and unbearable. You can do several other things such as day dreaming about warm places, which is true to some extent as your body will react to it. So dream about a sunny day and white sand and enjoy.

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