James Feldkamp Explains Nature Photography

Nature photography refers to a vast range of photography taken outdoors and dedicated to displaying natural elements such as wildlife, landscapes, plants, and close-ups of natural textures and scenes. Nature Photography is thus a genre of photography which portrays elements of the natural world in a photographic procedure which can be broken down into specialty fields.

James Feldkamp also known as Jim Feldkamp is a chef at one of the restaurants in the Bay Area. His interests lie in outdoor recreation activities and photography. On weekends, he prefers to go on hikes or try more severe activities for example windsurfing, hang gliding, and mountain biking down the hills. The Golden Gate Bridge is his favorite photography subject, and it has never lost its attraction. Nature photography is his quick escape from realism.

Being a master of nature photography James says that someone who photographs all elements of the natural world and specializes in no particular sub genre is often referred to as generalist nature photographer. He further says that Nature photography is all about admiration of the law, the wildlife, the environment and fellow photographers, and given that they follow the rules, they will be capable to get their photos without a problem.

On the other hand, several individuals are there who at times think of nature photography as a very diverse genre when capturing the beauty of the natural settings is the main objective. While this is not true for everybody, James thinks that the nature photographers, often fall in one of the 3 entraps:

  • Location is very vital as once the photo is clicked at the ideal location, the photography will be vastly enhanced.
  • Technique is the whole thing, hence make sure the photo is pointed from corner to corner and details are captured at all tonalities.
  • Light is very vital therefore it is important to find the best light  in order to click the best photograph

James says that while it is great that nature photography is so well-liked, this brings with it one big challenge that everybody is doing it. This means in order to become well-known in this field you will need to figure out how you can be different. This can be anything from specializing, and focusing on a single species or family of animal, to developing an artistic peculiarity and style in your photography.

He further added that unfortunately not everyone who calls themselves a nature photographer is respectful of nature. Having an ethical approach to your photography, particularly when it includes animals, is of the highest importance. No photo should come prior to the welfare of an animal or place. It is just as simple as this, and remembering this rule will assist to perk up your photos in the long run.

At present James Feldkamp is located in San Francisco and the city boasts of a lot of outdoor recreation activities, like hiking and rock climbing. Hang gliding and windsurfing are common among tourists and hobbyists. San Francisco is a haven for adventure seekers, nature lovers, and heavy grubbers.

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