Is there any better way to be aware about the status of videos downloaded on Vidmate?

Downloading of videos takes some time as it depends upon internet speed. The speed of downloading also depends upon the number of videos you are downloading at a time. On your mobile device you can check the notification. Even within the app you can be aware of the status. The moment you launch this app on the top right hand corner of the app the download status will be displayed. Once you click on the icon it will show the status of all the downloading videos at that particular point of time. At an individual level you can remove the videos or it can be removed from the queue.

In spite of video downloading depending upon the internet connection you can make some tweaks to the process. To enable faster downloading of videos you need to make some changes to the settings. Vidmate for Android download suggests ways by which you can do so

  • In the bottom of the screen you are going to locate a MY tab
  • Proceed to settings and press the option of download settings
  • Here on this screen you will find option of fast download mode on. You would need to switch it on.
  • Your downloading speed is expected to increase by this method

Some common questions in relation to the downloading of Vidmate app

Do you think a downloaded video is saved as an independent file?

The videos are downloaded from your favourite individual website and saved as independent files. You can play them with the help of your favourite video downloading app.

Would Vidmate 2019 provide you with a luxury of downloading videos from various sources?

Vidmate 2019 provides access to various websites or platforms from where you can download videos from any sources. Just you need to past the links on the browser from where you intend to download.

Could you decide the format of videos that can be downloaded with Vidmate 2019?

Any video format can be selected if you are planning to download video through Vidmate 2019. New formats are constantly added as part of the set up.

Would it be easy to download videos with the help of Vidmate mobile app?

It is an easy process as you just need to launch the app. On the home screen there is a search bar to locate the video you want to download. Wherever the video is available all the sources will be listed. Just select the option from where you are looking to download the file. The format or the quality of the video can be selected and you need to download it on to your mobile phone.

Would be it be possible to download videos faster than the earlier options?

With Vidmate 2019, you can achieve a better downloading speed. All your favorite videos will be downloaded much faster than earlier versions.

To conclude, the latest version of Vidmate 2019 is all about better function ability and superior levels of performance. They can be transferred to any other source.

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