Important Things You Might Want To Know About Endoscopy

There are different procedures that are used to heal and treat different ailments and health problems. Speaking of endoscopy, it is a procedure that permits a doctor to have a look into the inside of the body of a person. In the original sense, endoscopy was used to employ in the oesophagus, colon and stomach. In the present time, doctors make use of endoscopy to identify diseases of the nose, ear, throat, heart, joints, urinary tract, and even abdomen.

What do you mean by an endoscope?

During the procedure of an endoscopy, the doctor puts in a tool known as an endoscope into the body of the person. Most of the endoscopes are thin tubes having a powerful light and small camera at the end. There are myriad types of endoscopes. The length and flexibility of the endoscope relies completely on the portion of the body the doctor requires to see. For example, an endoscope that is helpful for a doctor to examine the joints is mostly rigid. However, one that is used to view the inner portion of the colon is flexible. There are professional Endoscopy accessories dealer who get the doctors and medical facilities the best accessories for endoscopies.

What are the other tools that get used during an endoscopy?

In a typical sense, an endoscope has a channel via which the doctor puts in the tools to gather tissue or provide treatment. These tools are like:

  • Flexible forceps: a tool that appears like tongs, for getting a tissue sample
  • Biopsy forceps for eradicating a tissue sample or a doubtful growth
  • Cytology brush for taking the samples of cells
  • Suture removal forceps for eradicating stitches inside the body

Why you might need an endoscopy

Your doctor may recommend an endoscopy for different reasons like:

To screen for and prevent cancer

The doctors use a kind of endoscopy known as a colonoscopy to screen for colorectal cancer. During a procedure of colonoscopy, your doctor could remove growths called polyps that might develop into cancer.

To diagnose an ailment or find out the reason of symptoms

The kind of endoscopy your doctor is going to recommend depends on the portion of the body that requires to get examined. With the help of the endoscopy the doctor would get to know about the signs and symptoms of ailments or diseases.


 Doctors use endoscopy to treat different ailments like:

  • Surgery via small incisions in the skin, known as laparoscopic surgery
  • Laser therapy, making use of a powerful beam of light to demolish cancer cells
  • Microwave ablation, making use of heat to eliminate cancerous tissue
  • Surgery making use of an endoscope inserted into the gastrointestinal tract, known as endoscopic mucosal resection or even endoscopic submucosal dissection
  • Photodynamic therapy, destroying the tumourhaving a laser after injecting it along with a light-sensitive substance
  • Different Medicines


So, after knowing so much about endoscopy and the tools that get used, you might want to get one for your facility right?  You can talk to endoscopy accessories supplier and make sure that your hospital has all the equipment.

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