How to tackle Leukorrhea in pregnancy

Leukorrhea is basically known as the milky white and thin vaginal discharge that is experienced in many women when they are pregnant. This is said to be one of the earliest pregnancy symptoms and this can keep occurring throughout the tenure.

When it comes to what is Leukorrhea during pregnancy, then it can be the discharge which a woman notices when they land o their second trimester and as the pregnancy is in progress this seems to increase as well.

Now the question is why a pregnant woman experiences this. Well, when a woman is pregnant then there is a huge release of estrogens and as a result there is an increase in the blood flow at the pelvic area of the body. It stimulates the mucous membrane during the pregnancy period. But one should remember that this discharge should not smell or give the feeling of itching. One may also notice that there is some occasional wetness in the underwear when one is going through evolution. But in times of pregnancy the amount of this discharge increases a lot.

Since this discharge is mainly made up from skin cells from the body and so it is not at all harmful. When the due date in pregnancy comes closer the vaginal discharge happens the most and for that one needs to be prepared.

But in order to cope with Leukorrhea one should not panic much. There is no need to use things such as tampons when this discharge is happening. One can always go for some pads or panty liners in their underwear so that it can make one comfortable and confident. It is best to clean the thing every day during the time of bath. One should not also douche in order to get rid of this discharge. This can lead to some sort of infection which is not a good condition for pregnancy.

This discharge mainly happens in order to protect the birth canal from any kind if infection attacks and it also maintains a very healthy balance in between vagina and bacteria. The discharge sometimes may be pink or brown in colour and not white. This is absolutely normal until and unless one is not bleeding.

But when the discharge turns into a very thick greenish and yellowish, cheesy flow then one should always go to the doctor. One should always check with the doctor if it has some foul smell as well. This means that there has been an infection attack and one needs proper treatment for that.

If one wears pads, then this can easily absorb the discharge and it will make one comfortable. It also keeps the thing dry and clean down there which prevents any kind of unpleasant odours. It is not a good idea to use some scented wipes to clean that area. Only plain water can clean the best. Other things contain chemicals which can change the PH in the genital tract and can cause infections.

So when one thinks what is Leukorrhea in pregnancy, it is basically a very common thing to experience.

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