How to protect the little one from celiac disease

The moment a lady is pregnant the first thought that would come to their mind is the boy or girl would inherit their facial features. If they are confronted with celiac disease then gluten avoidance early pregnancy has to be the standard norm. Though 30 % of the population do carry this disease but only 5 % are the carriers of it. If the genes of the mother are strong, then the chances go on to increase considerably. This could be the same policy if the father too has a gene. So it would point to the fact that the chances of the child developing the disease would go on to increase considerably. You can keep a tab on it by advocating gluten avoidance during pregnancy at the same time.

There are a host of symptoms which you can advocate in order to prevent the celiac disease or to prevent the symptoms from appearing.

  • During the course of pregnancy opt for a gluten free diet on all counts- if you are suffering from celiac disease then you needs to opt for a gluten free diet. This is especially all the more so for woman who are pregnant. The moment a woman eats gluten during pregnancy the disease is going to become a lot active. In both the mother along with the baby malabsorption of nutrients could go on to occur as well. If the disease happens to be at an active stage it could lead to miscarriage or you could pose considerable problems in becoming pregnant as well.
  • A generic test for your baby- You need to be aware that celiac disease is not going to be active, till you introduce gluten on to the body. This is considering the fact that the doctor goes on to tell you that. The doctor is going to test the new born baby with the hope whether the genes has passed on to the baby or not. If you find that the test is negative then you can have complete peace of mind that the baby is safe and secure.

If the doctor is of the opinion that a positive result emerges, then a blood test is suggested at the age of 3. This test needs to be done in every 2 to 3 years in order to find out whether the disease is at an active stage or not. If you indeed come across the symptoms of the disease then do not delay the test.

  • Keep on breastfeeding for 6 months- there is no denying the fact that with breast milk the immune system of the babies develops. In other areas of development the role of breast milk stands valid. Research does provide you with a different school of thought. The moment you breastfeed you will witness a delay in the symptoms of celiac disease. But research at a recent level shows that if you breastfeed the risk does go on to reduce at a considerable level as well.

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