How to Attain Inner Peace by Following the Teachings of Harley Reagan And the Deer Tribe

Many people around the world do not realize the need to introduce spirituality in their lives. They often confuse it with religion. However, experts say practicing spirituality can help them change their lives in ways they could never imagine. They will be able to understand the true meaning of their existence on this planet. They can then strive to become better human beings. They will be willing to go out of their way to help those who a less fortunate than themselves. It also gives them the confidence they need to overcome adverse situations. This can go a long way in helping them combat stress and achieve inner peace.

Deer Tribe – Making this world a better place through ancient shamanic teachings

The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society is a popular spiritual organization in America. Its members go out of their way to translate the teachings of ancient the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path. They follow the scared rules and principals which Twisted Hairs Council of Elders lay down. They strive to reintroduce the universal laws, ceremonial rituals, healing techniques of this ancient shamanic tradition. For this purpose, they offer necessary training and proper guidance to people who willing to go through the ‘gateway process’. Such a step introduces them to the spiritual awakening of this path. This helps them in their personal growth.

The followers of Deer Tribe strive to eradicate various social evils which afflict modern societies. These include all forms of human slavery, racial hate, conflict, bigotry and superstition. Like their founder, Harley Reagan, their aim to create a world where future generations can live in peace and harmony. For this purpose, they conduct various workshops, discussions forums, lecture sessions, study groups and ceremonies. This spiritual organization has a wide network of teachers to achieve this objective. People who show interest in this shamanic tradition can even go through the online posts on its website to know more. The two common programs this spiritual organization conducts for new apprentices are as follows:

1. The Gateway Process

People who want to learn more about the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path need to go through the ‘Gateway Process’. It is a series of specific tasks they need to perform and ceremonial rituals they need to attend. It gives them the opportunity to connect themselves to their true Spirit through their experiences.

2. The Red Lodge Longhouse Program

This 4-year course helps people understand how ancient spiritual teachings affect their daily lives. It provides them with the necessary tools and knowledge for their personal growth. They come to understand the true meaning of the Keys and Wheels of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path. It introduces them to connection of human life to the universe. This enables them to identify and if necessary alter their behaviour pattern.

The followers of Harley Reagan’s Deer Tribe go out of their way to make this planet a better place. They try to promote peace and harmony among all human beings. For this, they endeavor to make people’s lives by introducing them to ancient shamanic spiritual teachings. This helps these individuals find the inner peace and tranquility they crave for.

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