How The Movie Cinema Experience Is Likely To Change In Future

Soon, the experience in movies in Newport Beach will be entirely different. There are some innovation options on the horizon for the movie cinema. We will focus on technology that is likely to change the way we view cinema. Some of these innovations will also upgrade the experiences that are currently available to us. The microphone and camera quality is continuing to improve, and we are always getting better quality videos and sound than before.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) can be found everywhere. Apps like Snapchat and Pokémon go have made things easy for AR right now. The question is whether they will come to the cinema. Currently, only one theatre has adopted the AR technology, and that is the London Nation Theatre. They have already shown performances where the audience had to wear AR glasses to see movie subtitles. This is hardly the most exciting use of AR technology.

The AR headsets are currently very expensive, and only a few cinemas are capable of affording them for every viewer. So far, there are no compelling reasons to use the AR technology in film, but maybe this is a thing of the future.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is being adopted by some theatres. The first virtual reality only cinema opened in 2016 in Amsterdam. People are given headsets to wear as they watch movies. They sit in chairs that swivel to allow them to look around. Maybe, the next time you visit movie theaters in Newport Beach, you will find this technology already in place.

The technology is currently there, and people have already experienced it. Virtual reality is presently costly and is not great for the narrative movie-making. Some viewers have experienced motion sickness after wearing the headsets. Another problem with virtual reality is that views can miss out on essential scenes or short if they will be looking around continuously because they may be looking the wrong way.

Currently, virtual reality is good for people who have to have memorable experiences and not for people who want to have fantastic narratives. If this technology comes to the commercial market of movies, it will change the way movies are made and the kind of movies we watch. It will be a greater technology than the color, 3D and any other movie technology that we currently know.

4D cinema

This technology has been around for years now. The technology is however reserved for tourist attraction. They are gradually getting more common. Cinemas fitted with scent dispersal units, wind blasts, and rumbling seat make you feel the same things the movie characters are feeling in their seats. This is the main idea behind the technology. The technology is not fully advanced, but it is still pretty cool. You could check it out at the movies Newport Beach whether they have already upgraded to the 4D technology. It can be costly for movie theaters to set up this technology because they will have to remove all the seats and boy new and expensive seats.

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