How Do I Keep My Domain or Website Safe From Hackers?

Everyday thousands of website and domain get hacked. You must avoid domain or website hackers at all cost so that the asset you have invested in the year on your website does not get wasted. I am going to discuss how we can keep our site safe and secure with unwanted threats. With GoDaddy Renewal Coupon you can easily protect your Domain Name and Website against theft.

Here are the following tips which help you lot to save your site or domain:

  1. Keep your data or platforms up to date

You must update your account fromtime to time. There are many tools like Composer, npm, or RubyGems to manage their software security it is the easiest way to catch out from this problem. Keep your domain contact information up to date with your registrar.

  1. Keep your domain or website information private

Never give your login detail to a stranger or any other person. You must change the account details when any people leave your organization. Keep making changing in your password time to time so that hackers do hack your account easily.

  1. Use of HTTPS

You all the importance of green https in your browser bar. Through https, you can easily make the trust between you and your customers. Customer easily exchanged their sensitive information with each other. GoDaddy SSL Certificate offer to your customer goes a long way in making your website more secure and trustworthy.

  1. Check your password is secure or not

 To create secure passwords use a combination of Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers, and special characters. Never use common dates, birthdates, anniversary dates, etc. Hackers were easily guessing this. With GoDaddy Coupons,you will get many security features.

  1. Secure your site with SSL Certificate

Choose a reliable hosting company which providesyou with SSL Certificate. For extra protection add a firewall to prevent your site from unauthorized access. With GoDaddy SSL Certificateyou will feel safer and easy to build up your trust between others.


There are several malware checkers for your website. At GoDaddy, you will get the different ways to protect your domain or website from hackers. If you are looking for a new hosting provider company please must check the security features provided by the company. All big or small business owners need cybersecurity to safe website data from cyber-attacks. To know more about the GoDaddy features and Services you can visit

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