Funko: The Latest Addition to One Piece Pop Figure

You will be glad to know that the One Piece Pop figures pirates are expanding its line up with the inclusion of Funko that already features cook Sanji, archaeologist Nico Robin, and Usopp the Crew Sniper with Straw Hat. Moreover, how can you forget Doflamingo, the captain of the Donquixote Pirates?

The best thing is you can pre-order a comprehensive collection of One Piece Pop Figures whose shipping is scheduled for November. For the sake of convenience, we recommend starting with Sanji which is a fantastic sculpt. Here, you can find previous releases of One Piece Series.

In recent months, it is the latest collection of anime releases from Funko. Pop Vinyl Dragon Ball Super Goku from the Ultra instinct collection tops the list. Talking about Figure #386, among all the new anime figures it has been one of the most popular releases. You have the provision of getting into the action by reserving a figure for yourself for October.

As the earth’s greatest defender and leader, the figures in this collection continues to evolve. However, in the Ultra Instinct form, the Dragon team is not only formidable but also practically unstoppable. Baffling the likes of Toppo and Dyspo, Goku exhibits his most energetic and the most agile self.

Talking about the One Piece Going Merry, Straw Hat Pirates was the first ship that was utilized as the chief source of transportation all the way to Water 7 starting from the East Blue. Merry has designed this Caravel class ship, and Kaya gave it to the Straw Hats as the reward for saving her. With the passage of time, the crews became fond of this ship. It is unfortunate that Going Merry went through several damages in her lifetime. Many times she was sliced up, impaled, blown and once Wapol almost ate it. It played a dominant role in helping Straw Hats to escape Enies Lobby but could no longer continue. In the end, it received a Viking funeral.

Despite the series of damages, that the ship went through it demonstrated seamless resilience when Kaku released it to drop down a waterfall. Instead of smashing apart, it landed on its side without any harm from the fall.

It is not just about figures and poster at One Piece. The mannerism in which people dress is influenced too. In contemporary times, One Piece shirts are highly coveted as sleepwear. The users are highly satisfied with results. Made from 100 percent cotton, it is soft and comfortable and features well-crafted designs as initially featured. The One Piece design looks very beautiful and is indeed fun to wear just like the anime. You can recommend it to anyone who loves and watches One Piece.

Whatever be your preferences with One Piece collection you will not end up disappointed.  If you love anime then no doubt it will be a matter of great delight to possess it. Its price befits the quality, and its unique design will make you feel great wearing it.

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