Famous Water sports in Goa

Often times, when we hear about people’s trips to Goa, it involves a lot of relaxing, partying and chilling out on the beaches. A majority of people, who do go there, do so to unwind and let go of all the tension they have from their work or student life. There is little time for activities, and people often miss out the kind of things they should actually be doing in Goa and miss out the real side of the place.

If you happen to be into watersports and taking up new activities for the thrill of it, Goa is the perfect place to be. Atlantis Water Sports is one of the premier organizers of activities and sports in the state of Goa and do so with the utmost diligence and perfection. From scuba diving to jet skiing, you can find everything and anything.

Here, we take a look at two of the activities they offer and ones which should compel you to try them out at least once.

Jet Ski

Riding on the bumpy waves and splashing all over the seas may not sound too much fun, but one look at what goes down and you are sure to be hooked. It is by far the most taken up activity in the whole of India, and the fun factor is what makes people so enticed to try it out at least once. It is like riding on a scooter over the water; only in this, you are over the water, and the experience is twice as exhilarating as that of riding a bike on land. Atlantis offers some of the best in class jet ski in Goa and comes with the highest rated standard safety equipment, to ensure you stay safe and sound at all times. Apart from such class-leading features, the ski riders are well-experienced and are guaranteed to give you a thrilling time on the skis.

Bumper Ride

A short ride on an inflated boat, zipping through the sea as you hang on for dear life, is not an activity for the faint-hearted. The team at Atlantis provides the best bumper ride experience you can get. Their tubes are world class in quality and the speedboat riders are well-trained to ensure that you are safe, all the while not limiting the fun factor. The whole aim of the bumper ride in Goa is to hang on to the boat as it jumps up and down across the waves, eventually you will be thrown into the waves and coming back from that is a fun adventure on its own. It is an activity that takes a minute to two at most but provides an experience which is sure to last you all lifelong.

There are many more activities you can indulge in Goa, but these are some of the most exciting ones and for the adrenaline junkies amongst you, it is already on the top of your list. So, for the rest of you who are still pondering, it just might be the activity that you need to do while you are in Goa.

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