Facebook: an undiscovered sharing tool for YouTube videos

Facebook has been and is the biggest platform to share anything, from news to blogs to articles to videos etc. it is so because it has billions of users and one thing that is uploaded on facebook spreads like fire everywhere. As we all know Youtube videos are so much into trend. For entertainment, for news updates, for travel related queries and what not you will find everything on youtube. Some people have personal channels, some are working with some company and many more things like this. Now youtube works is a little different from how facebook works.

In YouTube you upload your video on your channel. Now if your video is “attractive enough” it will get more views, likes and eventually maybe your subscribers may also increase. But here in youtube, you cannot have something which is known as an “announcement of your video”. All you can do is upload your video and then wait for the result probably expecting some “good result”. In that case, why not use social media as a tool to share your video. There is also something known as fblinker, which means that you can link your youtube video to your facebook handle or upload it publicly, whatever that suits you.

As we know, there has been a massive increase in the growth of videos on social media. The most important of that being “facebook”. Mostly all the videos that have been uploaded on youtube are being shared on facebook as well because why not. If you can a larger platform to share your video, why will you not make use of it? Also facebook users are on a great accelerating scale that means your video is being shared to many more people. Around 150 million hours of videos are being watched on facebook every day. That means people come on facebook mainly for entertainment. Now how it works, is also a thing to keep in mind. It’s very easy to share, just follow these basic steps.

1.  Go to your video on youtube through your channel page.

2.  Click the “share” option at the bottom of your video.

3.  The link of your video is opened. Copy this link to the clipboard.

4.  Open your profile page on facebook now.

5.  Add your video’s link to your facebook profile page, making it “public” so that anybody seeing the link can see your video.

6.  Once you have added the link, wait for facebook to open your video,

7.  Don’t forget to describe your video nicely and properly in the description box so that video has a base as well.

8.  This is exactly, how the feature of “facebook linker” is made to use.

You will automatically see an increase in the views on your youtube video after you have shared your video on facebook. What you can also do is, post a short clip of your video on your profile page so that people have a slight glimpse of your video.

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