Eye-Catching Engagement Rings That Are Alternatives To Diamond

You can find many alternative engagement rings to diamond. For over the years, diamond has been the most preferred material for traditional engagement rings. But now, the tradition is taking a turn. Other alternatives to diamond are popping up and pushing diamond rings out of the spotlight. Sapphires, rubies, pearls, morganite, and other gems now take the place of diamonds. Nowadays, there are hundreds of different ring materials you can choose in place of diamond.

Pearl power

Pearls have been used for centuries to make jewellery. Pearls are beautiful natural beads that come in a variety of colours. Most people like the traditional milky hue of the white pearl. Colours impart pale pinks when the light hits the gemstone. You can see other subtle shades as well.

Pearl is a rare centrepiece for rings, and you can choose pearl that flatters your finger. There are different sizes you can choose from.

Primary colours

You don’t have to choose one shade for an alternative to diamond engagement ring when you can choose from different colours. You can play around with colour and create your unique design. You can go for antique-inspired rings that come with a centre sapphire that is bordered by rubies and yellow topaz. Tiny diamonds can be hidden within the band to give a hind of fire.

Black velvet

Black velvet can be a perfect choice for your engagement ring. The piece is gothic inspired and is bewitching and nontraditional. The ring can be an alternative to a diamond engagement ring, and it can have a three cart black gemstone accented with drops of red rubies.


Emeralds have a vibrant green colour. With the right combination of gemstones and the right setting, emeralds can last the test of fashion. Colour is a crucial factor to consider when choosing an emerald. The emerald may contain some inclusions, but this shouldn’t worry you.


Amethyst gemstones are popular, and they were once available too royal families alone. This is one of the top 5 cardinal gemstones, and it is ranked alongside sapphires, diamonds, and rubies. Large deposits of this gemstone were found, and this reduced its value because it made amethyst accessible to all. The gemstones come in shades of purple, but an amethyst that displays a deep purple hue is considered to be the best quality. Amethysts are very hard, and this makes them durable. This means that you can wear them daily without wearing out.


Tourmaline is also referred to as the rainbow gemstone, and it comes in different colours. It is also a versatile gemstone for an engagement ring. You can get many types of tourmaline, but the most popular ones are red, pink, green and a dual coloured variety. Tourmaline is very hard, and it can last for a very long time with regular maintenance.


Citrine is a golden yellow stone.  When buying alternative engagement rings made of citrine, always ensure that it has been faceted well to enhance its brilliance. Citrine has been used to symbolize happiness, positivity, and contentment due to its colour.

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