Enjoy weekend with friends at bars and pubs

It is believed that if you work hard then it is equally important to party hard and so there are many bars in Kolkata where one can hang out with friends on weekends. This bars also serves sumptuous dishes which are best with your favourite drink. Loud music, drinks and snacks can really make the mood and give the option to enjoy themselves. The best bars in Kolkata are very happening can make everyone crazy.

Hard Rock café is one of its which took a good amount of time to set themselves in the city but today it is one of the most preferred pubs by people of Kolkata. It even has a band who are giving a live performance and when accompanied by staff who dance son table can make everyone entertained while enjoying a drink. It has all option that keeps you engaged and makes the whole atmosphere quite satisfying.

Traffic Gastropub is one of the best places which is full of the crowd throughout the week. It serves cocktails which are affordable for all along with mock tails. One can have the option to opt for hookah along with drink so one can find all option to change their mood and make them relaxed.

Which are best wine and beer shops in Delhi

One who loves to get social will love to visit different bars and clubs with friends. There are a number of such places in Delhi where one can enjoy their favourite drink but if looking for some cheaper option it is better to buy your own bottles. One who is habituated to drink will also have some skills which can make their drink just as served in bar and pubs. It is the best option to try something new every time as it will reduce the expenses and one would find it as a cheaper option. Some of the best wine and beer shops in Delhi are as follows:

Premium wine is known for wines which are coming from different parts of the world. The display of wines is very impressive and they are always ready to help their customers. One who loves rum and vodka can also find many options at a premium.

Red Electric which is the first liquor store which shows women empowerment. It has a glass wall where one can see the elegant display and can’t resist themselves for buying something new and unique for them. The display is for the best alcohol brands and female attendants are always ready to serve their customers. These attendants are trained enough to answer queries but might not be sure about the flavors of all brands. This is one of the places where men are not given entry if they do not accompany women with them.

Grand Bazaar which is mainly a store where different liquor option can be seen when you are in party mode. The eye-catching thing is the various option is a wine which is imported from France, Spain and many other countries of the world which are very famous for wines. One who loves beer can also find an option for them.

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