Diagnosis, Treatment, and Self Care of Varicose Veins

When you visit a clinic for vein treatment in Chicago, Illinois, the first thing the practitioner will do is a diagnosis. The doctor at the varicose vein clinic will carry out a physical exam. This can include looking at your legs when standing to see if there are any signs of swellings. The doctor can also ask you to describe the kind of aching and pain in the leg (s).

An ultrasound may also be done at the USA vein clinics to determine if the veins are functioning well or if there is a small evidence of the clotting of blood. During the noninvasive procedure available these days, the doctor will run a small device that is held by hand and is known as a transducer against the skin in the area of the body where the physical examination is being done. The transducer will transmit some images on the veins of the legs to the monitor to enable the technician or doctor to see them.


The good news is vein treatment does not mean spending days in a hospital bed or any other uncomfortable recovery at present. Today, we have several less-invasive procedures, and this mean it is possible to treat varicose vein on outpatient basis. You should contact your doctor to find out if your insurance will cover the treatment cost. Where the procedure is being done for cosmetic reasons, you may need to pay for the varicose vein treatment alone.

Self care

There are certain steps you can take to improve the condition. These may include losing weight, avoid wearing tight clothes, elevating the legs, and avoiding sitting or standing for a long stretches of time. These steps will help you ease the pain and ensure the varicose vein doesn’t get worse.

Compression stocking

One option you should try before seeking a treatment is to wear a stocking whole day. The stocking will serve to steadily squeeze the legs and assist the leg muscles and veins to move blood in a more efficient way. The compression amount will vary according to brand and type. The compression stockings can be bought in most pharmacies.

Other treatment options

When you find that you are not responding well to the home treatment or if the condition is severe, there are several treatment options that your doctor may prescribe. These include:

  • This is a procedure where the physician inject the small and medium-sized varicose veins with a solution that will scar and even close the veins. Once treated, the veins should disappear completely over time. While these veins may need to be injected once or twice, sclerotherapy can be quite effective when done in the right manner. The process may also not need anesthesia, and this can be done in the office of the doctor.
  • Foam sclerotherapy for the large veins. The large veins can be injected with the foam solution before closing and sealing the vein
  • Laser surgeries. Doctors are using this technology to close the smaller varicose as we as spider veins

These are just some of the treatment options that your doctor can use for treating varicose veins.

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