DevOps & Product Owner Training and Certification in Bangalore

DevOps is the amalgamation of two terms- development and operations, meant to showcase a collaborative approach to the functions performed by a company’s application development and IT operations teams. In a broader meaning, it promotes enhanced communication between these teams and others which are part of the entire software delivery chain of the company. Learners who choose to pursue the best DevOps Training and Certification in Bangalore will be able to get hands-on experience in using cloud services and automation tools. These tools form the core part of the DevOps framework.

The advent of cloud-based technologies has enabled organizations to work in the best possible collaborative workspace and has also proved to be both cost and time effective.

After Certification in DevOps, One will be able to:

  • Use code quality evaluation techniques to develop high-quality codes.
  • Understand virtualization and lightweight containers while building and deploying applications that are container based.
  • Write user acceptance tests that are effective.
  • Efficiently use source control systems and build tools for continuous integration.
  • Excel in using monitoring tools and know when to optimize the software.

Simultaneously, one will find it as an add-on in the developmental software field if one enrolls in the course of a product owner. A product owner is responsible for maximizing the value of the product which results from the work of the development team. The learners will get expertise in managing product backlogs after joining a Product Owner Training in Bangalore. It is a win-win for the learners as these two areas are magic wands in the field of software development.

Several organizations are now adopting DevOps framework to make the productivity more reliable with the best standards of maintenance. Professionals from various sectors can consider joining DevOps Training and Certification in Bangalore to be on par with established geniuses.

The following professionals can seek to enroll to enrich their career path with much required technical expertise.

  • Software Developers
  • Project Managers in a technical role
  • Architects
  • Testers
  • Operations Engineers

Moreover, the above professionals will find it a progression to their technical familiarity if they join the Product Owner Training in Bangalore. A Product Owner is a position of high-esteem as he is responsible for creating value to the output of the development team, and his decisions can’t be undone or ignored.

By choosing to pursue DevOps Training and Certification in Bangalore, one can master configuration management and the above-listed functionalities of the software development cycle.

For the product owner course, one must be a contributor and receiver in the team as it is a team-based role. Moreover, it is also necessary to synchronize with the schedule of the stakeholders to identify business benefits to prioritize and understand the customer and end-user interaction which further leads to managing the product backlog efficiently. To add these key skills to the domain of your technical acquaintance, you can join a Product Owner Training in Bangalore.

Make the most of your cloud computing career in DevOps and Product Ownership with an intensive DevOps Training and Certification in Bangalore from Xebia Academy.

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