All the places you have to visit during your Al Ain tour

Introduction to the city

The Al Ain is a piece of UAE, and which has a clear setting, and it comprises of mountains, desert garden, and springs. Aa tourist on Al Ain tour island desert garden city in UAE, you will discover that there are a lot of spots to visit in Al Ain. Al Ain is likewise known by the name of Garden City, as their palm forests and a lot of natural springs.

Al Ain tour basically offers to make people learn and understand the custom and culture of the UAE. A lot of travelers like you come here to find a simple and enjoyable way to invest their energy.

What’s there to see in Al Ain tour

Explore the magnificent, mountain-supported city of Al Ain on this entire day trip of Al Ain tour from Dubai. Al Ain is called the Garden City because of its rich stops. This pleasant city lies underneath the Hajar Mountains close to the Oman outskirt and offers up strongholds and attractions that review a past age.

You will get to learn about the two historical centers, the previous illustrious royal palace, and enchanting Al Jahili fort. You will have stops at the warm springs, the desert garden to see the falaj (water channels) that help in the irrigation of the palms and the camel markets.

Jebel Hafeet

The first place that you should definitely visit in your Al Ain tour is this. The Jebel Hafeet. The name is kept after the Hafeet Mountain, the second most elevated mountain in UAE. It is also the most noteworthy in Abu Dhabi with a height of about 1,240 meters. While heading to this mountain there are a lot of beautiful views that you can see. And also you can take a great deal of scenic and beautiful pictures from here. You’ll certainly appreciate an excursion on this slope because it gives wonderful views of Al Ain.

The Camel Market

In your Al Ain tour, you will get to visit the Camel Market. The Camel market of Al Ain city is an absolutely necessary visit for you as a tourist. You as a tourist will almost certainly witness the rich Arabian culture here. The Camel Market is a standout amongst the most one of a kind places to visit in Al Ain during the Al Ain tour.

It gives you an enchanting and an amazing experience during the Al Ain tour. The camel market of Al Ain is the last camel market of United Arab Emirates. And the individuals from varying backgrounds and countries often come here to purchase and sell the camels. The entry and exit in the camel market are free, however, you will be drawn by the merchants when you enter the market.

The Camel Market is open until dusk day by day, however, most of the exchange happens toward the beginning of the day.

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