Abstract Painters Who Can Continue the Tradition of Peter Max Further

Gone are the days when people only visited art galleries for beautiful landscapes and portraits which could decorate their home well. On the contrary, abstract painting is growing out of fashion, and painters like Peter Max might be proud of the fact since, they are considered to be the precursor of the genre. With time, the number of painters who are exploring abstract art form is increasing, and as the engagement increases, the art form can make a promising move, in the days to come. However, considering the millions of dollars at which the masterpieces are sold, the engaging nature of the art forms can prove to be intimidating.

Here are a few abstract painters you need to follow closely

  • Kika Karadi

Abstraction at the core, Karadi is known for creating works which looks like stencil composition. With the smart use of glass, black ink, and paint into linen, abstraction reaches new heights with Karadi’s painting. Resonating the moment is not so easy, however, the monochrome canvases that she has drawn allows the abstract art form to be justified. Even though the random touches bring a different texture, you can also make out the randomness of the drawing with the free flow nature.

  • Kadar Brock

Using anything that you can is what abstract painting is to this New York painter. The randomness of the painting material and the subtle use of objects make his painting fresh, and different. Large canvases, sand, and all other natural objects put to justified use make it essentially important in the abstract paintings. Worn out abstract canvases is the real essence that he brings out and Kadar is the name who carries forward the romantic legacy of abstract art forms.

  • Davide Balliano

This Italian artist plays with geometric art forms to give shape and life to his paintings and art forms. There are meanings to hidden structures and art forms and finding the meaning out of archetypes is what makes these art forms special. Each curve, swirl, and linear abstract art forms bear a meaning which the agents find it highly creative and intuitive while selling it to their clients. The stillness of the physical world around us gives him inspiration to come up with fantastic paintings and pull it down to canvases.

  • Molly Zuckerman Hartung

The surface on which you are painting can be the beginning, and this Canadian abstract painter is here to prove it. Once he starts his creative work, he lets the rest flow on its own. The pieces of fabric, enamel and all the collage items used on the canvas bears a meaning of its own. Deconstruction being the basic concept of abstract art, Molly only wants to create a deeply refreshing piece of art for her followers.

Peter Max being the one of those legendary names in abstract art form feels proud how these new-age painters are taking over Facebook and other social media platforms. The dream that his dad saw once is slowly but steadily turning out to be true.

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