A Close Look At Convection Pen Vaporizer

If you are fond of vaping it out on your free time or have close association with likeminded people who are passionate about vaporizers then this piece of writing is surely meant for you. Let us start with the difficult part. What kind of vaporizers suits you the most? If you are new to vaping you might be confused. Seasoned vaporizers will affirm that it depends on the mood and setting. 

It is true that there is no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to the choice of vaporizers. Having said that portable vaporizers may prove to be a better choice. You can use it on the move or just sit back in your couch and enjoy a short vape session. Delightful isn’t it.

In contemporary times, the convection pen vaporizers are trending in the market.  Employing a system of cartridge pen it provides added convenience to the vapers with its quick, discrete and easy delivery. The race is on and many of the new dry herb vaporizers are coming into terms with the portable on demand delivery system based on convection heating.

Although few in number, there are some portable convection vaporizers in the market that are capable of working on dry herbs and concentrates. The Ghost MV1 and the Haze Square Pro are the two exponents of such convection vaporizer.

The design of the Ghost MV1 is well-ahead of its time. Exhibiting a sleek look wrapped in a case of 6.5 by 4 inch, its aesthetics will make you proud to carry it around.  The Haze Square Pro has a simple conventional design analogous to some of the leading brands of hand-held devices.

Both of them are made from premium metal alloys that are medically deemed safe for human use. However, there are some sublime differences. For instance, the plastic cased removable battery and the glass mouthpiece of the Ghost MV1 demands caution. You will not want to step on them even by mistake. On the other hand, the all aluminum alloy encasing makes the Haze Square Pro more durable featuring a ceramic mouthpiece.

The Haze Square Pro and the Ghost MV1 are well-squared with their identical multi step loading process.  Thus, it is better that you load both of them indoors before you venture outside.  When it comes to ease of use the Haze Square Pro is miles ahead. Once you get your Haze Square Pro locked and loaded the rest is a sinch.

Users of Haze Square Pro have issues with its battery life. Vapers who use concentrates have found it frustrating to use as the battery gets depleted within 45 minutes at higher heat settings. However, it is a different story with the dual 18650 battery pack of Ghost MV1. Once you full-charge its battery you can expect to get at least ten sessions. Moreover, the Ghost MV1 app and lighting on the unit will let you know the power left in the battery.

The Ghost MV1 requires that you are spot on with the seating of the heat sink, insertion of the mouthpiece. With a well-cleaned top-screen and perfect air flow you can have a draw time of 5 to 6 seconds.  No doubt, it takes some time to set things in place with the Ghost MV1. Yet the vaping experience that you will have is just amazing.

As a vaping enthusiast, you will want a vaporizer that delivers vapor of premium quality, and renders high performance and effect.  Hence, the Ghost MV` 1 does make for an apt choice in this regard. However, if you are new to vaping then you can start your journey with the Haze Square Pro as it is easy to use.

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